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Let us remove your fatigue, provide healing and restore your energy. Our salon offers a variety of treatments, including head massage and aroma treatments, facial massage, and hammam bath.

60min 11,000yen   /  90min 14,000yen   / 120min 17000yen

It is called terihaboku oil, or tamanu oil, and is known as yarabu oil in Yaeyama.

The yarabu oil extracted from the nuts of the yarabu tree grown in Kuroshima has a fragrant nutty scent and a moist feel.

It has an excellent antioxidant effect, and its effect is said to be 24 times that of olive oil.

It is a rare oil because only a small amount can be obtained from 100 kg of fruit. There are many types of tamanu oil, but Yarubu oil from Kuroshima in Yaeyama is 100% pure oil.

May you have a happy time just for you.

・Kumeno Sakura facial   60min 7,700yen (Onry febrary~april )

Based on Okinawan herbs, fruits, and tropical flowers, these cosmetics are made with the image of Kume no Sakura, the mythical cherry blossom of Okinawa. The cherry blossom extract, which has excellent beauty effects, creates a fresh skin.

Cleansing/Face & decollete treatment/Sakura extract face mask/Hand massage/Finish with Sakura mist and Sakura moisture cream

・Getto facial 60min 7,700yen

Condition your skin with spa cosmetics containing the fresh extract of getto (shell ginger) harvested in Okinawa. Recommended for those who are concerned about dryness and have rough skin.

Cleansing/Face & décolleté treatment/Getto extract face mask/Hand massage/Finish with getto mist and getto moisture cream

・Tamanu facial  60min 7,700yen

The yarabu(tamanu) oil extracted from the nuts of Kuroshima’s yarabu tree has a fragrant nutty scent and a moist feel. Called terihaboku oil or tamanu oil, it is known as the yarabu tree in Yaeyama, and is said to have an excellent antioxidant effect, which is 24 times more effective than olive oil. Only a small amount can be obtained from 100 kg of fruit, so it is highly rare and the oil we use is 100% pure oil from Kuroshima. A facial and décolleté massage with anti-aging and skin-beautifying oils, followed by a mask containing tamanu oil.

Cleansing/Face & decollete treatment/Tamanukucha mask/Hand massage/Skin up


Spa brand facial

Phytomer Hydra Blue 60 minutes 9,900 yen 

Turns dry skin into moist and fresh skin. Seaweed ingredients replenish plenty of moisture to the skin that has lost its moisture and luster due to rapid evaporation of skin moisture, promoting the skin’s natural secretion and moisture retention functions, resulting in clear and elastic skin. lead to Please use it when you are concerned about open pores, when you are concerned about dryness, when makeup does not stay on well, or after sunburn.

Immersion Marine (Relaxation) → Head Approach/Cleansing/Decollete Treatment, Face Massage, Thalasso Mask/Hand Massage/Finishing

Basic facial  60 minutes 6,600 yen

For everyday care when dryness is a concern. Please enjoy a dreamy beauty treatment time with all hands thoroughly flushing from the décolletage and back. 

Cleansing, décolletage & face massage, skin mask, finishing,head massage


Day spa

Spa De Vacation 150 minutes 18,550 yen 

Hammam bath, aromatreatment, facial aesthetic 40 minutes each, hand care, head therapy & eye care

A beauty essence hand pack will be applied during the facial beauty treatment.

 Enjoy a special spa that takes about 3 hours. For other spa holiday courses that include a hammam bath, please see the hammam bath page.


Head therapy 20 minutes 2,200 yen 

It massages pressure points on the head, clears the head, and at the same time works on eyestrain.

Scalp airy head care 30 minutes 3,300 yen 

Relaxes the décolletage, shoulders, and head, and works on the points of the ears and eyes. Feel more comfortable with a carbonated beauty essence and a warm towel spa to finish.